Call Asante Samuel Jr. Calling for input is well and truly wrong?

Once in a while, the powers that be on Park Avenue who can overturn the decisions made on the field in any stadium try to explore the sights as a new look at the game. Flags that should be entered may be forgotten. A decision can be overturned in court only if there is clear evidence to show that there has been no improvement. Originally known as ‘The Undeniable Eye’, the bar was described as ’50 drunks’ who would admit it was a bad call. In the context of one of the most important games of the week 2 game between the Chargers and the Chiefs, it is good to wonder if the team office is applying the proper standards in determining and making decisions on the field of interception by LA Asante cornerback Samuel Jr. is incorrect.

It’s a great game. Chargers lead by 10. They would have had the ball at the Kansas City 30. The team can increase by 17 and send the fans home first.

The NFL’s senior vice president said. from official Walt Anderson and pool reporter Joe Reedy after the game: “What we saw was that the ball hit the ground and he didn’t support and maintain control of the ball after that, it hit the ground. We saw the movement of the ball after it hit the ground and ended up helping to catch it again. 

Anderson added: “The ball hit the ground on the way down, but . . . he lost control of the ball. 

But is it clear that Samuel’s decision to actually control the ball before it hit the ground is wrong? This question was not asked. This question has not been answered. This is the only question that must be asked, and that needs to be answered. What is the clear and convincing evidence that the decision made on the ground is wrong? In other words, 50 will drink wine (watch on DirecTV so they don’t have to worry about streaming) and say it’s not a break? I don’t think they will. Which means that, although the decision would not have been incomplete if the law required no respect for the decision made on the field, the result under the high standards of game review should be a deterrent.

This is another rule of thumb to determine whether the evidence supports the reversal of the decision on clear and unambiguous grounds. While discussing the issue with Peter King during Friday’s PFT Live, I found myself leaning on the monitor under my camera to get a good idea of ​​the critical moments in the game.

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