On Thursday night football, the Chargers met the leaders

First part

The Chargers won the award and elected to postpone. The Chiefs crossed midfield, but suffered a third-place defeat to force a score off Joy Bossa. The Bolts held onto their 20-yard line and got on board on their first drive as Dustin Hopkins kicked a 31-yard field goal for a 3-0 lead. The Chargers defense then forced a quick three-out thanks to a sack from Khaleel Mack, his fourth in the fifth quarter. Bolt ended the quarter at the 1-yard line after a 39-yard catch by Mike Williams, who had made five carries for 76 yards in the first stanza.

Second Step

The Chargers scored in the first game of the quarter as Justin Herbert found Xander Horvath for 1 yard and a 10–0 lead. Purdue’s seventh-round rookie Horvath scored his second touchdown in as many games. The Chiefs responded to their drive as Patrick Mahomes threw a 9-yard score to Jerich McKinnon. Bolts raced through midfield in his chase but fell behind in fourth and second. But the defense stops the chiefs on third and one to force a punt. The Chargers punt again after midfield at another fourth-2 position, but the Chiefs were once again forced out by a Bolts defense. By the half, the Chargers took a 10-7 lead.

Third step

Williams continued her big night by hitting a 15-yard touchdown – with a hand – to open the second half. But the Chargers’ 10-yard drive was short-lived, as the Chiefs responded with a 41-yard field goal on their next possession. The teams traded several punts before the Chiefs took over at Chargers 36. In the fourth quarter, the Chiefs got the fourth and the goal.

Fourth step

The Chiefs tied the game at 17 with a 19-yard field goal kick in the first game of the fourth quarter. The Chargers started on their own 40 when the Chiefs were called for a personal foul on the ensuing kickoff. Bolt went to the 3-yard line before stopping Herbert, and the game was returned for a touchdown from 99 yards. The Chargers, now down 24-17, went three-out in their next game.

 Bolt’s defense forced a punt and the Chargers held on to their 14, but the drive ended with another punt. Herbert was killed and left the game for one game before returning. After a run of over 50 yards the next game saw the Chiefs take over and move into the red zone. The Chiefs added a basket to make it 27-17. Herbert headed Bolts downfield for the drive, as Joshua Palmer caught a 7-yard touchdown, with 71 seconds left. But the kick was brought to him by the warlords, and time had run out.

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