Resilience describes Chiefs Week 2 protagonist, CB rookie Jaylen Watson

Jaylen Watson isn’t sure when — and admits she’s still puzzled by the timing — but she thinks she’ll block Justin Herbert’s pass on Thursday as Kansas City heads into Los Angeles at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chargers host.

“I woke up knowing that I would be honestly selected,” said Washington State’s seventh-round pick Watson. “I know being a seventh rounder and making my debut, I will be very tempted and quick. But I feel like I will have one today.

Watson’s theory proved true early in the fourth quarter, when he overtook Gerald Everett on the goal line and ran 99 yards down the field for a game-winning touchdown. In a 27-24 Kansas City victory.  “Jaylen has been on the right track since he got here,” safety Justin Reid said..” “He just kept getting better. His courage kept building up. We trusted him to go out and play, and he did.

According to Reid, the Chiefs were playing Cover Zero. He worked closely with Watson on regional coverage.

Everett quickly drove down the ground and cut the field to be in a gap at the goal line. Justin Reid said, “Herbert tries to throw it out to the tight end, Jaylen slips under him, takes 50 yards, cuts Herbert and no one is going to catch him.”

Watson’s mind wandered several times between Herbert’s pass to the other end field, but he knew not to break the same rules that every defensive back in the NFL follows..

Watson said he was too nervous to enjoy the season, which could be a good thing as the defense had to get back on the field. “I’m happy about it, but I don’t want to talk about the game,” said defenseman Juan Thornhill. “He still has six options, but we have to go out there and play football again. I told him we’ll celebrate the game when we win.

Watson learned on Monday morning that he would start after rookie Trent McDuffie was injured. McDuffie, a first-round pick in April’s draft, suffered a hamstring injury in Arizona and landed on injured reserve earlier in the week. “Every time I step onto the field, I am so grateful and blessed that the Chiefs shot me,” Watson said.

Everything is not perfect. Early in the second half, Mike Williams beat Watson for a touchdown – who scored eight for 113 yards, including three catches for 28 yards against Watson.

But the Augusta, Georgia native overcame tough odds to make it to the NFL. After starting his college career at Ventura College, a two-year school in Central California, Watson planned to play at USC, but said he would not have enough transfer credits and disappeared from the 2019 season.

He spent part of the year working with his mother at Wendy’s in Georgia before eventually moving to Pullman, Washington, where he resumed his college football career. “I’m a confident person,” Watson said. I think it gave me a chance in football because I try to build muscle, show passion, show anger in football and pass it on to my opponent.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes saw Watson’s consistency in the practice area.

“First of all, he has faith,” Mahomes said. “It’s important when you’re in the corner, because sometimes you’re going to get hit and you’re going to bounce back.”

Watson also had a strong influence on the players of Kansas City High School.

Justin Reid said: “He’s great.” He does his job every day. He is aggressive from behind, he keeps his hands on people, he has good legs, good eyes and is ready to learn and improve.

Watson will have a better week this weekend. He will turn 24 on Saturday, the same day Mahomes will celebrate his 27th birthday.

“His (Watson) birthday is in September. 17, so it’s good for her,” said Mahomes, whose birthday is also September 17. “I have a small birthday party on Saturday, so I can say it’s her birthday now because of the way she plays.” is the party.”

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