Roger Federer and Serena Williams retire within weeks of each other End of best era of tennis 

What an emotional and unprecedented moment for tennis. In the span of three weeks, the game loses two players – more than anyone – have defined, then explained, and repeatedly changed, what on grass, clay, and hard courts into the hundreds by the age of 21. possible. Williams prepared for the US Open on September 2 in bold, proud and devastating fashion. Federer, on the other hand, will never get a Grand Slam elimination. He announced on Thursday that he would retire from professional tennis after another attempt at the Laver Cup in London (which takes place on 29-30 September). 23-25).

The famous Swiss player, who battled injuries during the winter of his illustrious career, has turned 41. Williams will turn one year old on September 26, the day after Federer’s final match. “As many of you know, the last three years have plagued me with a variety of injuries and surgeries,” Federer wrote. “I have worked hard to get back into full competitive shape. But I also know my body’s strengths and weaknesses, and the message it’s been sending me lately is clear. I am 41 years old. I played 1500 games in 24 years. Tennis has treated me more generously than I ever dreamed of, now that I know it’s time to end my competitive career.”

How much money did he give to tennis? How much money did they give us? It’s an easy argument to say that the sport lost two of its all-time greats. In fact two of their most attractive players.

Tennis is as physical as it is mental. Speed ​​and edge, frustration and endurance make up this concoction that gives tennis the power to leave its color if not more than any other sport. Williams and Federer – masters of recovery, wonder, wit and endurance – have done it for us more times than anyone else. Williams brought style, athleticism and aggression to women’s tennis on a level she had never seen before. He dominates his opponents. For many inspirations in his twenty year career, he is truly unstoppable.

Federer’s career is not like this; It is interesting because of the many different chapters. Yes, there were times when he could not win it like Serena. But it’s not advertised like Williams when she first hit the scene in the late ’90s. His dominance grew and he came to Rafael Nadal to play the foil. Soon, Novak Djokovic rocked the party and gave his tennis the most exciting three-way competition ever. Federer still had doubts when he surpassed Pete Sampras’ record of 14 Grand Slams. Twelve years ago, when he was almost 30, some thought his days of winning the Major were over. Then he came back, hit No. 1 in his thirties, won a few more major championships, and claimed to be the greatest of all time.

With 20 Grand Slams (eight at Wimbledon, six at the Australian Open, five at the US Open and one at Roland-Garros) under his belt, Federer left tennis three times in the main men’s tournament, behind Nadal (22) and Djokovic. Gave. 21). , And even if he ended up behind two of his riders, it’s almost impossible to say that he would be below them.

It has been more than a year since Federer’s last Grand Slam stage, Wimbledon, took place in 2021. He won in the quarterfinals of Hubert Hárcz. He was loved so much that British, American, Australian, tennis players from all over the world accepted him as their own. But the boy from Basel, Switzerland was always proud of his heritage and his country. Tennis is popular in many parts of the world except in the United States, where it is still considered a nationally distinct sport. The fact that tennis is now popular all over the world is because of how Williams and Federer have played over the past two decades.

Grace, courage and bravery are what they win. A boy from Basel and a queen from Compton, California, helped develop the game in a way that made it impossible to watch the game without them. Federer’s bright smile, humility and impeccable demeanor made this proud sport a favorite. Williams’ pioneering, unorthodox approach to competition and his individualistic flair forced the white player to overlook his shortcomings. No one could have known it at the time, but when Federer and Williams won Wimbledon in 2003 (Federer’s first Slam, Williams’ sixth at the time), sport was king and the end would never be the same.

Or twenty years on, they have brought together a new generation of tennis – better than ever. The footprints they left in the grass, the footprints they made in the soil and the ropes they tied on the strong fence are eternal. Tennis will never see the path of a supernova again as Serena and Roger run side by side.

Federer’s legacy in tennis and his continued presence as an ambassador of the sport will make him remembered by millions as the greatest player of all time. While Serena is a force of nature, Federer is an expert who prefers racketeering to wands. He can do anything on the tennis court and is a beacon of light in his ability to change the way he beats his opponents. Because even though he is angry with her, but also likes to watch. Federer has a signature one-handed backhand that cuts with devastating accuracy and defines the geometry of the game. He has all the aces in his bag and can participate in all the tournaments without leaving anything behind. Most complete player. This story may take another direction.

An overlooked part of Federer’s rise to world domination was his rocky debut, when he displayed some uncanny tennis qualities. Verbal conflicts and mature behavior with judges led to negative consequences. It may have started at the time, but once it did, Federer found something supernatural about his game. His streak of winning 11 of 16 Majors between 2004 and 2007 was a streak of dominance we’ll never see again. He won 94% of his games in those four years. He spent four consecutive years at the men’s record No. He finished with 113 ATP singles titles and 28 more ATP Masters titles. He won 1,251 matches on the ATP tour, a clip of 82%.

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