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The iPhone 14 has been released, but for most Indians, the iPhone 13 is much better

iPhone 14 is official. Now the question is, should I buy iPhone 13 or iPhone 14? Keep reading to find out.

1. The iPhone 14 series has gone official in India.

2. iPhone 14 starts at Rs 79,900 in Japan.

3. The company has introduced four new iPhone 14 models.

The iPhone 14 has arrived. In fact, four of them.. The long-awaited smartphone of the year has been officially launched and will be available for purchase in a few days. Now let’s go straight to the question that any person looking to buy a new iPhone must be thinking about this. Even more so when the iPhone 13 is released. You have a price cut: iPhone 14 or iPhone 13, which is a better buy?

Well, before you answer that question, kudos to Apple for keeping the price of the iPhone 14 at the same introductory price as the iPhone 13, which is Rs 79,900, even though the Indian rupee has depreciated somehow against the US dollar. have depreciated and fueled inflation around the world. , The cost of products is increasing everywhere.

Despite supply chain constraints and rising component prices, Apple launched the iPhone 14 at the same starting price as the iPhone 13. Of course, it is important to note that while Apple has priced the iPhone 14 at Rs 79,900, it has kept some of the core hardware of the phone similar to the iPhone 13.

As such, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus do not have the latest A16 Bionic chip. Instead, it has a slightly upgraded version of the A15 Bionic chip. Again, to keep the iPhone 14 relatively affordable, Apple has decided not to add some Pro features, such as a 48-megapixel camera and an always-on display.

However, all iPhone 14 models offer satellite calling support, which allows users to make calls in areas where it is supported.

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Overall, the iPhone 14 isn’t a huge upgrade over the iPhone 13 (on paper at least), and it means it’s a good idea to save some money if you’re looking to buy a new iPhone this year.

You can easily choose iPhone 13 instead of iPhone 14 and don’t miss it. Minutes after the launch of iPhone 14, Apple slashed the price of iPhone 13 by Rs 10,000. That said, the iPhone 13 in India currently starts at Rs 69,900 for 128GB.

Now, looking at the official pricing, we expect third-party platforms to offer the iPhone 13 at a much lower price point. For example, when the official price of iPhone 13 was Rs 79,900, platforms like Flipkart and Amazon sold it for Rs 65,999.

At least offer to make calls between Rs 55,000 to Rs 60,000. Moreover, both the online and offline stores offer certain banking offers to the consumers, which probably makes the offer even more attractive.

We are already hearing that in the upcoming Amazon Great Indian Festival sale and Flipkart Big Billion Days sale, iPhones will be offered at the lowest prices ever. Given the price cuts and discounts on the iPhone 13, it makes more sense to buy this model to get the minimal upgrade than to spend a few thousand extra dollars on an iPhone 14.

Compared to the iPhone 13, the iPhone 14 received a few (albeit not significant) upgrades in the camera and battery department. The iPhone 14 also offers a satellite calling feature, which again is not applicable for Indian consumers. As of now, this feature will be available only in the US and Canada from November this year.

Irregular satellite calling is not allowed in India and it may take some time or may last forever before satellite phone functionality becomes available in India.

So if you want a new iPhone with great performance at a relatively low price, the iPhone 13 makes more sense. The only reason you want to switch to the iPhone 14 is if you want the Plus version for its bigger screen. As for the iPhone 14 Pro, well, it’s a completely different matter.

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