The Kashmir Files re-released within a year due to high demand, the audience went berserk & the kashmir files full movie download mp4moviez

This has never been seen in the history of Bollywood. The audience demands to see a film and within a year it should be widely released for the second time. But Hindi cinema’s popular blockbuster ‘The Kashmir Files’ is ready to write a new story in this matter. In fact, despite not being a commercial film, the kind of commercial success The Kashmir Files achieved surprised the entire film industry. Despite not getting enough screens at the domestic box office, the Vivek Agnihotri directorial did a business of over Rs 250 crore. The audience around the world supported the film, but some ignorant people of Bollywood did not even discuss it. Rather, many had termed it as propaganda. Not a single week has passed since its release that The Kashmir Files has not been discussed in Indian society and politics for one reason or the other. the kashmir files full movie download mp4moviez

It is obvious that a large section of the public did not get to see this film. For a long time the film had to be released once again in the post-corona normal environment. The creators probably decided to re-release it keeping in mind the public demand. The film was released in theaters on January 19 i.e. today, in the week of Republic Day. Advance booking has also started. However, just like the way no screen was given at the time of the first release, the situation looks somewhat similar at the time of the relaunch. Advance booking shows that the film was screened only once a day. The way the film, which was a blockbuster of the audience and won the best, was put on the screen, it would be called inadequate in a sense. But it is certain that like before, for the second time also multiplexes will have to increase the exposure of The Kashmir Files.


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By the way, after the news of the film’s re-release came out, the enthusiasm of the people was at its peak. Many people can be heard saying on Twitter that they want to watch the film again. There are many viewers who say that they spent a lot of money to watch and the kashmir files full movie download mp4moviez for the first time with their families and are now ready to watch the movie in groups again. It goes without saying that when the film first came out, people flocked to the theaters in droves. Such a gathering of audience has never been seen in the history of Bollywood. Cinemas had become places of pilgrimage. People thronged in buses and tractors to see the Kashmiri archives.

Rohingya refugees from Myanmar resettled in Kashmir, but displaced Hindus forced to live in camps

Kashmir Archives showcases the history of terror in Kashmir, which is rarely discussed outside the Valley. Even though the terrorists had killed Kashmiri Pandits, Sikhs and other Hindus on a large scale. Murders like that are still often seen. Even today people are forced to leave their homes and migrate from Kashmir, as was done 33 years ago. The cycle hasn’t stopped. People ended up in refugee camps in their own countries. The pain of Kashmiri Hindus displaced by terrorism is that they could not return to their homes, but Rohingya Muslim refugees have been largely resettled in J&K. The group of Hindus who have suffered the worst wounds of terror are feeling cheated. the kashmir files full movie download mp4moviez The Kashmir Files is the true story of those wounds. What is propaganda called the politics that believes in secular politics.

Actually, the story of the film is about the elimination and decisive massacre of the Hindus, especially the Pandits, of the valley in the 1990s. The spark of separatism was burning in Kashmir for a long time. Blindfolded Indian government and nexus of politics, police and terrorists have started massacring and killing non-muslim minorities to divide Kashmir from India. In this, the story of one such family was kept front and center. Their families were brutally murdered at the behest of neighbors when their homes were attacked. Vivek’s film depicts an honest investigation of the incident in Kashmir and the role of Kashmiri politicians, officers and policemen.

On this day, 33 years ago, Hindus were massacred in Kashmir. Terrible carnage. The trend on social media is clearly visible on the anniversary of the massacre of Kashmiri Hindus. People remember the carnage in the valley and also praise Vivek Agnihotri for making a great film. the kashmir files full movie download mp4moviez

Kashmiri Records to face competition at the box office

the kashmir files full movie download mp4moviez Anupam Kher, Mithun Chakraborty, Pallavi Joshi, Darshan Kumar, Chinmay Mandlekar etc. He played the lead roles in the film. The roles of Anupam Kher, Pallavi, Darshan Kumar and Mithun were much talked about. Anupam Kher shook them. What charisma will The Kashmir Files show at the box office for the second time – it is in the lap of the future. Well, it has to be a shocker at the box office. Why not Balakrishna’s Telugu blockbuster Akhanda will also release in Hindi on January 20. Crowd entertainer Akhand is a challenge for any film. On the other hand, Shahrukh Khan’s film Pathan will be released in theaters on January 25.

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The Kashmir Files re-released within a year due to high demand, the audience went berserk!

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