Twilio: Simple Shortcoming

Twilio has announced plans to cut 11% of its workforce.

The cloud communications industry has exceeded spending over the past two years and now has an opportunity to eliminate duplicate services through acquisitions. The stock is only 2.5 times cheaper than its 23’s selling price, but the market may try to focus on short-term earnings.

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Worth More Profitable

The big question is, where do the profits of the company go from this? To prevent the company from disrupting its operations, these job cuts will involve many people not involved in generating revenue. If Twilio can reduce operating expenses by 11%, this contract would remove more than $50 million in quarterly payments. Of course, most of the above expenses are related to office, advertising and other costs not related to employee salaries, but often, businesses are able to deduct some of these costs.

Analysts expect a lower profit of $0.12 per share in 2023. The annual reduction of $100 million in operating expenses would result in a solid $0.55 increase in EPS based on the 183 million shares outstanding. It would cost a paid employee more than $100,000 to save $100 million per year.

Every action is more profitable when the door is open every day, the business gets a good profit in the financial system, for example where the business is losing money and burning money. In addition, Twilio delivers multiple product options to users. The company is still close to breaking up due to the elimination of stock-based compensation. Whether or not Twilio is profitable, the number of shares will continue to grow. The company is becoming increasingly more efficient by reducing its operating expenses by at least $100 million a year. A similar increase in 2024 earnings put Twilio on track to earn $1.25 per share that year. The stock rose to nearly $80 on news of the breakout and a good sign of big money to come. Twilio would need to maintain a sales growth rate of about 30% for the stock to support its 64x adjusted 2024 EPS target price.


The main advantage investors can take is that Twilio can make the job easier after growing its user base over the past two years and merging several key assets. The company is suddenly profitable after going this route in 2023 without major job cuts. With this turn in profits, Twilio will face a rough road next year. Investors should take advantage of any weakness to buy the stock, as the company trades with a small amount of long-term potential to turn $5 billion in sales into a sizable profit in 2023. If you want to learn more about the undervalued market and the best way to enter the undervalued market in the 2022 selloff, consider joining Fox the Street.

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