Although Judge's season didn't come out of nowhere — after all, he hit a rookie record 52 homers in 2017 — the 62-run streak didn't go as planned.

While he continues to hit productively in subsequent seasons, after averaging one home run per 10.42 at-bats in 2017, Judge is averaging one in 14.14 at-bats from 2018 to 2021. 

Staying healthy and playing 148 games in 2021, he hit 39 home runs, not quite a historic season considering Brandon Lowe and Mitch Haniger also hit 39. 

Judge didn't come out with a bang either: he hit a home run in his first 13 games. It took time for everyone to realize that this could be a special moment.  

My colleague Bradford Doolittle created a daily newsletter for Judge, creating an estimate of playing time and home run percentage to calculate the expected total off-season (as opposed to the simple pitch of the season).  

Judge started the season with a 40.9 home run average -- which was down from 39.5 when he was hitless in his first five games.  

That would equate to his lowest total estimate. As they finished with six homers in 20 games, Judge's total was up to 47.9. It's impressive, but not for baseball 

especially since teammate Anthony Rizzo led the majors with nine homers in April. between 49 and 50 for 10 days, until two home runs on May 23 in a loss to the Baltimore Orioles, knocking his projected total down to 52.6.