Wide receiver Julio Jones will miss a second straight game as it was determined in pregame warmups that his injured knee had not fully recovered.

That means the Buccaneers will be without three of their best receivers: Jones, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Godin is removed for Sundays with Pollary and France and Evans will have the stop of the game. 

Tom Brady must have five receipts in garbage: Russell Perriman, Breshy Perriman, Millotity Miller, Jaelton Danden and Coleseley.  

Wednesday and picked up from the active roster on Saturday. Gage and Perriman were also listed as questionable on Tampa Bay's injury report on Friday due to knee and leg soreness, respectively.  

Starting left tackle Donovan Smith will also be sidelined for the second straight game, marking the first time in an eight-year career that he has missed consecutive games. 

As veteran Josh Wells landed on injured reserve this week, freshman Brandon Walton is expected to start at left tackle. Walton played in the second half of last Sunday's game against the Saints after Wells injured his calf. 

Veteran Kyle Rudolph will work out for the first time since signing with the Buccaneers. It is not possible to restore Care Otton not and not good when they care for himself.  

BUCS stores without the beginning of the Akim Hicks, who makes the injury to the last week. The team promoted defensive lineman Deadrin Senat from the practice squad during the week to maintain a six-man rotation in that position.