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I have a bad feeling when the Tigers set up a field goal in the second quarter and it's going to be a long hard day when Sam Hartman throws darts.  

Hartman is a good quarterback and, as I mentioned earlier this week, Clemson's defensive backfield is not good right now. Good teams find a way to win though and that's what the Tigers did.  

It's okay, not great. Not at the level of the Tigers' national championship team, that's for sure, but we're only four games down. 

The national media continued to ignore DJ Uiagalei's improvement in the first three games. It will be hard to ignore after today's 26-for-41 performance, which went for 371 yards and 5 touchdowns, and 52 rushing yards.  

It's ironic how disrespectful the 25th-rated passer by is, almost as if he's still in the mid-200s as of last year. Lazy narratives and first impressions are hard to beat in college football, as John Chancey said earlier this week.  

There is justice that DJ had a day, when everyone was talking about Sam Hartman (and he was awesome), but it was DJ and his team down 8 in the third quarter that brought his team back to his arms, his feet with him. lead.