After years of wearing his headband in various situations and using hair restoration treatments that have resulted in varying degrees of success, LeBron James seems to agree with the truth that when it comes to his follicle game, "the fun leaves".

James posted on his Instagram Story a photo of himself in the hair salon without hair. Personally, I think it should be a surprising revelation in the events of the "shop". 

Make sure Gray Goose sinks and make Maverick Carter distract the guests so they don't realize James is shaving his head. 

Then all of a sudden, Carter looks in the direction of James and goes "LeBron, which the ..."  

The heads of the guests are reproducing all and all their mouths are agape. This is where the trailer stopped, but during the episode would be the great revelation of James's look.  

We will see if he sticks with it this time. He cut his hair in the summer of 2017, before his final season with the Cleveland Cavaliers.  

In June of the year, he published a video of it by applying her dome specified in "the first day out" from Gruzzley. However, when the cave opened the time against the Boston chicken, her hair has returned. 

ames turns his head and her hair down as rim when you can smelly running for years. The return to the decision shows that at 25, he has already started to leave it.