KYIV, Ukraine - Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the mobilization of Russian security forces, in what appears to be an admission that Moscow's war against Ukraine is not going nearly as planned. to be seven months of fighting.

It is the first total in Russia since World War II and comes amid losses on the battlefield for the Kremlin's forces in recent weeks. 

The Russian leader, in a seven-minute televised address to the nation on Wednesday morning, also warned the West that it was not making noise by using any means at its disposal to protect Russian territory 

in what appeared to be is a reference to nuclear Russia. strength. Putin warned the West not to support Russia against the wall and blamed NATO countries for providing weapons to help Ukraine. 

The number of security forces to be called in could reach 300,000, officials said. 

Even a collective action could increase fear or make Russians doubt about war in Ukraine. Shortly after Putin's speech 

Russian media reported that international flights were in high demand despite the difficulty of leaving despite high airfares. 

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, asked what has changed since he and others have said no integration is planned, argued that a well-armed Russia could join NATO because members of the coalition to deliver weapons to Kyiv.