Between the series of Madrid and Bayern (each in its own way), the bell that does not stop Bruges, the euphoria of Naples and the nose of Sevilla

a league game has reached the halfway point that shows the growing concern that Barcelona or Atlético. de Madrid 

the recovery of Chelsea and Juventus, the resistance of Salzburg and Benfica is surprising, can start to draw against PSG 

in which Leo Messi with a terrible goal is not enough Manchester City deserves points and sides, the other.  

proved himself in the victory of which, of course, Erling Haaland is the star supporter, who wrote two goals to add 17 in his last 8 games and collect 28 in 22 Champions League games. The never seen. 

Robbery, of course, Guardiola's team accepts the round of 16 as Brugge dreamed of on the back of the explosive Ferran Jutglá 

Napoli, who achieved the biggest victory in European history, beating 1-5 of they beat Valencia in UEFA. 

The Scots, Celtic and Rangers, are already on the verge of elimination (not mathematically), as are Maccabi and Copenhagen. These conditions are expected and not surprising