The United States men's soccer team is running out of minutes before they line up against Wales at the FIFA World Cup, the country's first tournament and soccer's biggest showpiece in eight years.

Tuesday's pointless draw against Saudi Arabia gave us one last look at the Yanks before we head to Qatar, but it didn't come close to getting the needle moving on a nearly empty pitch.  

Let the ubiquitous question begin as to which of the USMNT head coaches Gregg Berhalter will select for the international showdown 

The squad for the World Cup will be announced on November 9. Since the start of the CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers 14 months ago, some of Berhalter's staff decisions have been puzzling because they have drawn more loyalty than art 

there is no reason to believe that he will fix the system. body for the promised 270 minutes will decide his own. in the future. as an American coach.  

I have done my best to try to get inside the big skull of Greggy-poo, to understand the dozen or so bakers who will wear the red, white and blue in Qatar. And because I know that Berhalter has me on speed dial, I will tell you where his choices will be bad.  

This is all waiting for the real injury, like Gio Reyna going down after 30 minutes against the Saudis. The easiest place to create Berhalter's brain in my own opinion is a conservative.

It would be a shock not to mention three - and only four boys are in the running for those spots. Arsenal's new signing Matt Turner is a lock and has the best case to start.