The big game contrasted with a sluggish first half that saw the Chargers lead 16-7 as Herbert played with a torn cartilage. But reality soon hit. Pro Bowl left tackle Rashawn Slater suffered a bicep injury two days later.

The property falls into the basket and closes. And the Jaguars ran away with the game from there on their way to a 38-10 victory. 

In the end, Herbert racked up a number of bad moments with some wondering why the injured man was still in the game. In hindsight, it's a good result for a Chargers team that has Super Bowl hopes and is playing at home against a Jaguars team. 

who finished 2021 with the NFL's worst record. Maybe that shouldn't surprise you. And the Jaguars are improving. Meanwhile, the Chargers are dealing with a mountain of injuries that stretch beyond the quarter and threaten to derail their season. 

They started Sunday without Pro Bowl wide receiver Keenan Allen and cornerback J.C. Jackson, both wounded. Before Slater left the game, Pro Bowl running back Joey Bosa was ruled out with an injury he suffered in the first half.  

This adds up to serious concerns for teams that want to compete in the AFC. So I'll roll with that," said Herbert. “I believe in heart health professionals. I trust the training staff and they will not put me at risk.  

Herbert played the entire 60 minutes, even when it appeared the game was out of hand, and finished with 297 yards and a touchdown, while completing just 55.6 percent of his passes. 

Most importantly, after the game, Herbert said that he still feels good and does not mean that playing has made the injury worse.