Chinese President Xi Jinping has become one of the most trending topics on Twitter despite unconfirmed reports that he is in prison and that China is in the middle of a war.

Xi and the phrase #ChinaCoup circulated on social media after tens of thousands of workers spread unfounded rumors that the Chinese People's Liberation Army had arrested and toppled the president.  

The announcement, which has not been confirmed by any reliable source, came as no commercial flights flew to the capital Beijing on Saturday, and unofficial reports said trains and buses had been cancelled. 

Beijing Airport's website shows many flights from the Chinese capital have been cancelled; but many others have been set or have already arrived. It was also reported that the fighting was called off as part of a planned war effort. 

Widely circulated footage posted on Twitter also showed an 80-kilometer line of military vehicles advancing on Beijing amid reports of a September 22 military offensive. 

However, the video is less than a minute long and therefore does not show whether the line of military vehicles stretches for 80 km.  

It was not revealed when or where it was taken, or whether the convoy was on its way to Beijing as part of a military operation. 

Thompson wrote, "Rumors of Xi Jinping's arrest carry weight because this is a time of political uncertainty in China, and the recent trials (and convictions) of long-time leaders make the air is hot."