After a week of sitting at 60 home runs, New York Yankees star Aaron Judge finally hit 61 on Wednesday night, tying Roger Maris for the single-season franchise and American League record.

In attendance at the Rogers Center in Toronto was Maris' son, Roger Maris Jr., who took the historic moment alongside Judge's mother.  

After that, in a press conference, Maris Jr. Consider the next milestone for Judge: 62 home runs - a number he says represents a true home run record. 

"It's not just about me. I think that means a lot of people - that he's clean, he's a Yankee, he plays the game the right way," Maris said. 

“I think it gives people a chance to watch someone who deserves the honor of hitting 62 homers and not just one guy who did it in the American League.  

"He should be honored for being a real champion at home one time," Maris continued, "I mean, that's who he really is when he's 62 years old.  

I think that's what will happen. I think baseball needs to look at records and I think baseball needs to do something. " 

Roger Maris Sr. set the MLB record for home runs in 1961, eclipsing the mark held by the legendary Babe Ruth. The manufacturer is designed to 1998, after the beat of the st. Louis Cardinal Mark McGwire.